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5 didn’t make note of where —

Mr. Blanchard took advantage of Mr.Garnier’s English language skills, French being his mother tongue.

264 Francis Garnier (a Defendant)Reexam by Mr. Davison

26 Q Okay. And do you recall what that was about?

27 A It was how it was obtain.

28 Q Okay. Try and be as specific as possible.

29 A It was — I felt that when the contract was

30 obtained was in the false pretense. We didn’t

31 know that Mr. —

32 MR. McKENDRICK: My Lord, the objection that

33 Mr. Garnier was talk — we all know what the

34 objection was. It was that — that there were two

35 different documents, and one’s Exhibit A and one’s

36 the one in the book.

231 Francis Garnier (a Defendant)Cross-exam by Mr. Blanchard

27 THE COURT: I’m sorry, I didn’t hear your answer, sir.

28 A The initial on the side of that contract of

29 purchase and sale addendum, the extra line they

30 put in, there’s two initials. They are not our

31 signature. They are not our initial.

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44 Now, can I ask you something, please? I would

45 like to know, can I use my own paper? My own

46 contract? The one he gave it to me? It’s

47 different from the one that you have here.

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1 THE COURT: Well, I’m not — I’m not here to give you

2 advice. If there’s another paper you want to

3 refer to, I suggest you ask the counsel who’s

4 cross-examining you whether you can refer to

5 another piece of paper or not.

6 MR. BLANCHARD: I’ve — I’ve moved on from the

7 contract. Now the rest of my questions are not

8 going to deal with —

238 Francis Garnier (a Defendant)Cross-exam by Mr. Blanchard

42 Q Your evidence is that —

43 A You go back on the contract, you know. Okay? You

44 keep on turn around and twisting the words in my

45 mouth because my English is not as pure as yours.

46 Okay? I cannot answer clearly. I am also a hard

47 worker. I work in the oil field. I — I’m —

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1 Like yesterday — Like just a few hours ago, you